Harley's Story
Harley Mitchell received her first drum kit at the age of 2, but her music career didn’t start until the age of 16. It wasn’t until years later did she start to play the drums and bass professionally. Born and raised in Clifton, New Jersey, she was surrounded by music her entire life and never had professional training or lessons. At the age of 12, her stepdad taught her how to play the guitar. When she was 15, her and her family moved to South Florida. One year later, her stepdad started to play in a cover band and they were searching for a bass player. Harley stepped up and moved on to the bass guitar for his band. From that point on, she started to gig regularly as a bass player and occasionally would hop on the drums.
In 2012, Harley decided to create her own YouTube channel of drum covers. As of today, she has over 21,000 YouTube subscribers, with one of her covers reaching over 3 million views. She also has 36K TikTok followers. In 2013, Harley joined a cover band called Project X as a bass player and she is still in the band today. When she joined, she became close with the lead singer of the band, Heather Curi. They both shared an interest in writing original music so they started their own band called, Day 4. In 2018, Day 4 recorded their first EP at Power Station Recording Studios in Pompano Beach, FL, under the provision of record producer and engineer, Tony Bongiovi and executive VP, Rob Roy. They were also interviewed for SFL Music Magazine in a 3-part article of the process of recording an EP of a label-budget recording session. She signed with Collision Drumsticks in July of 2020. In June of 2021, Harley signed with GHS Strings. Harley continues to leave her mark in the South Florida music scene. She most recently played drums for Company B at the Throwback Bash Concert Series in Miami Beach, FL, with Lime!
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